And the most expensive restaurant in Arkansas is? And Texas?

We all love the idea of ​​dressing up and going out to a wonderful restaurant for a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary or graduation. But have you ever been to a really expensive restaurant? We found the most expensive restaurant in the state of Arkansas. We also found the most expensive restaurant in Texas and Oklahoma.

Take a look and see what they are and what makes these restaurants so expensive. Usually it is a very special menu item.

Here is the most expensive restaurant in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas.


Amazon, Anley Store

Amazon, Anley Store

The most expensive restaurant in Oklahoma is a French restaurant at Edmond Fait Maison. It looks lush and beautiful inside and the menu is superb. If you want to splurge, order the main lobster with red wine sauce and olive-smoked bacon for $96. The Japanese Wagyu tenderloin will set you back $98.


Texas on wood – Canva

Texas on wood – Canva

The most expensive restaurant title goes to Nobu in Dallas. This is no ordinary Japanese restaurant. Their priciest menu items are the Ribeye Hoba Yaki with Amazu Butter Ponzu Truffle for $145. Or you can “Experience the essence of Chef Matsuhisa’s cuisine with a multi-course Chef’s Tasting Menu that will set you back $200.


Amazon, Anley Store

Amazon, Anley Store

The most expensive restaurant in Arkansas is Arthur’s Prime Steakhouse in Little Rock. This beautiful restaurant even has a private vaulted cellar for guests. There is even a “Razorback Room” perfect for a group of 8 to 10 people. They have Australian Wagyu and Japanese Wagu. Everything at market price and you know when they say market price you shouldn’t really ask how much it is but we have no shame and we did. . . Their Best No. 9 Australian Wagyu Tenderloin is $195.

I might have to wait until I win the lottery to fully enjoy what these restaurants have to offer, but there are still plenty of items on the menus to order and I still feel special.

You can see the most expensive restaurants in each state here!

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