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From picking pumpkins to traversing a giant corn maze, Farmland Adventures is a place to enjoy in Northwest Arkansas with your family and friends.

SPRINGDALE, Ark. – From picking pumpkins to traversing a giant corn maze, Farmland Adventures is a place to enjoy in Northwest Arkansas with your family and friends to get into the spirit of fall . 5NEWS Weatherman takes us to Springdale and shows us what you can enjoy at Farmland Adventures.

What started as an ordinary family farm in East Springdale is now a huge attraction in northwest Arkansas. In 2010, the Parsons decided it was time to expand their farm into what is now Farmland Adventures.

“My kids and I went with another guy and his kids to a corn maze and when I got home I said ‘we can do this, it won’t be that bad’ and he became a pretty good size and so this is our 11th year and we had more fun than you can imagine,” says Dwain Parsons, owner and operator of Farmland Adventures.

Parsons says that in the first year they had about 8,000 visitors, but now they have nearly 30,000 in the fall! When you go out, there are countless activities for you and your family.

“One of the most exciting rides that a lot of people remember is that you can get out and get in the wagon and feed the cows tortillas,” Parsons continues.

Kids can also pet and feed other animals! Including ponies, goats, a zonkey, which is a cross between a zebra and a donkey, as well as other cattle, and, Sampson, which is a horse that weighs 2,100 pounds!

Parsons adds: “We have pig races like on a Saturday we will have 4 or 5 different pig races, four rounds each time, you have little kids coming out and riding the ponies or bigger kids they can ride go-karts and cross the big corn maze.

Another big attraction is the nearly 10-acre corn maze. There’s a mini corn maze for the little ones and then a regular corn maze if you really want a challenge.

“This maze probably contains almost 3 ½ miles of path, so that’s a lot of paths you have to navigate, but if you get lost, we have guys there to help you out,” Parsons says.

Or you can even use the new Maze Tracker to help you find your way.

Parson explains, “You see like a little figure that you can see yourself in real time and see your progress through the maze and you can kind of see yourself going through the maze and give you an idea of ​​where you need to go, a bit like a map.

It’s truly a family atmosphere that keeps adding new attractions every year.

“I just hope to see everyone come out, we still have a few pumpkins left and they’re on sale, we’re trying to get rid of them, I know it’s close to Halloween, if you don’t have your pumpkins , come out and see us, and you can get a carving pumpkin on the way out,” adds Parson.

Farmland Adventures is open until the first weekend of November! To learn more about Farmland Adventures and their schedules, Click here.

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