Arkansas Attack Training Camp and Scrimmage Report

Fans patiently awaiting their first glimpse of MLFB were treated to a preview on Sunday night with the MLFB Jamboree featuring a scrimmage between the other MLFB teams. Arkansas offense got snaps on offense and defense against Ohio Force and Alabama Airborne. Three-quarters of the roster got time in charge. The Arkansas Attack offense had some very impressive moments during the scrimmage. However, they also had moments of disorganization, as you would expect, with all of these teams having limited time together. Here’s what else we learned from Arkansas Attack training camp and scrimmages.

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Arkansas Attack Training Camp and Scrimmage Report

First Series Players

Ja’rome Johnson, who last season was QB at Bowie State, had the first opportunity to command the offense against the Ohio Force defense. Johnson looked very in control as the signal caller for the attack. In his time as a quarterback, Johnson looked accurate in the passing game and showed great awareness and confidence in the pocket. There were a handful of games where instead of breaking your pocket and relying on your legs. Johnson climbed into the pocket and kept his eyes on the field looking for receivers and completing passes to his checking option.

The series also featured excellent racing from Taylor Martin and Bruce Jordan-Swilling, both of whom were able to come up with chunk plays in the racing game. Wide receiver Keith Pearson had what might have been the catch of the day with a one-handed catch on a short that he then spun up and dropped his shoulder for more yards.

Second set players

The second quarterback to take snaps was Lukas O’Connor. O’Connor took his shots against Alabama’s airborne defense, and despite what looked like issues lining everyone up properly, the offense was the most successful with O’Connor at quarterback. He led a quick drive that included a takeover and run by tight end David Meza. The drive was capped off with a passing touchdown on a swing pass to running back Taylor Martin. Martin made a move to avoid a tackle and rolled into the end zone. Martin was the Attack’s overall offensive star. He looked dangerous every time he touched the ball in the running game and passed as a receiver out of the backfield.

Third set players

Jalen Jones won the third set for the Arkansas Attack offense, also taking on the Alabama Airborne defense. It was a very mixed sack for Jalen Jones against the Airborne. He showed some athleticism as he slipped out of the pocket and ran past Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi after escaping pressure. However, Jones was not without mistakes in his first attempt at taking on a professional defense. It sometimes looked uncomfortable in the pocket. He was also caught holding the ball too long for a sack when the game was called off. His discomfort in the pocket resulted in an interception on a low ball from his back foot.

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Defensive takeaways

The Arkansas Attack defense had a solid outing. In their first defensive streak against Ohio Force, they had some trouble early on. They dropped a few big plays in the current game. However, they also got a big pass breakup to end this streak without giving up a score. In the second series against Alabama Airborne, defensive coordinator Derrius Bell’s 4-3 base defense began to pressure in the passing game and generated a big push against the running game.

This line, coached by Bernard Holsey, looks like it could be a very strong unit this season. Michael Badejo, who got a lot of steam on social media ahead of the season, gave everyone some insight into why this was the case. I credit Badejo with a sack going off the rim and reaching the Airborne quarterback. Which led to the death of the piece. Additionally, defensive tackle Sha’Haun Williams looked downright nimble, showing excellent footwork to penetrate the offensive line and wrap up a rusher for a loss.

The Attack secondary didn’t have many opportunities to show up during the scrimmage. However, they seemed to bend but not break in the passing game. Every pass that was completed against them was underhanded and they were very sure tacklers. Stay tuned for more information on Arkansas Attack Boot Camp.

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