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It’s no secret that Arkansas played at different levels during this NCAA tournament, but if we continue to see this type of defense from the Hogs, their stay in Omaha will be extended. After a huge fifth inning, Arkansas pulled away from Stanford, winning 9-1 in their College World Series opener.

A pitching duel broke out at Charles Schwab Stadium with Alex Williams and Connor Noland taming both attacks, until the Hogs opened it up in the 5th. Everything seemed to be going well for the Cardinals, even after giving up a run in the first inning, with Williams showing great baseball skill. It didn’t take Stanford to tie things up, with Brock Jones soloing Arkansas pitcher Connor Noland. But it sounded like a wake-up call the cardinals weren’t expecting from Noland.

There were expected to be more than 10,000 Arkansas fans at the stadium Saturday, creating home-court advantage for the Hogs. Although they didn’t have much to look forward to for four innings, that was about to change, as was the behavior of basketball coach Eric Musselman, who was in attendance Saturday. One thing that Dave Van Horn wanted the basketball coach to change was his attire.

“Did he have his college?” “Nope.” “Then I’ll have to talk to him about it.”

After pitching so well for four innings, the Razorbacks finally beat Stanford pitcher Alex Williams. The Hogs put two runners on base, then it was Chris Lanzilli who hit a 3-point bomb, giving Arkansas a 4-1 lead and never looking back. After going four full innings with two combined runs, the Razorbacks opened the play-off in the 5th, bringing home five pleasures and a total game-changer. It shouldn’t go unnoticed that the Hogs did a lot of damage with two outs on the board.

Another impressive stat to come out of that beating was that each Arkansas starter had multiple hits, as the 9th inning rolled around.

But the story of this game on both sides was Connor Noland’s pitching and Arkansas’ defense. It was more of a showcase for Noland, who had thrown just 41 pitches as Stanford came in at bat in the sixth down. It was a dominant outing, with Connor controlling the game and finding a tight sweetspot all afternoon. Noland was able to keep Dave Van Horn from having to dive into the bullpen earlier than expected, keeping his arms fresh for Monday’s game.

Courtesy of Arkansas Baseball

Noland threw a bunch of great fastballs and needed just 67 pitches to go seven innings. It was the fewest pitches thrown in the College World Series with at least seven innings pitched since 1999. Noland finished the day throwing 79 pitches in 7.2 innings, with 1 strikeout and gave up just 6 hits sure.

Head coach Dave Van Horn was very grateful to Noland for not forcing the staff to use much of the bullpen, keeping their arms rested.

“He set the tone for the whole weekend. For him to throw like that in the first game and allow us to rest the rest of our guys, it’s huge.

Arkansas had hit .274 midway through the regular season, before hitting its stride and enjoying more offensive success. The Hogs are averaging 9 points per game during the NCAA Tournament, which is incredible, especially with the throwing to go with it. Michael Turner was 3-5 that day, while the Hogs already had 14 hits in the 7th inning.

Arkansas’ 21 hits broke Stanford’s record for most hits in a College World Series game.

Now comes the real challenge, which is backing up the strong performance. The Razorbacks will now await the winner of Auburn and Ole Miss, with the Hogs playing Monday and Stanford playing the loser. We’ve seen Dave Van Horn use the back of his bullpen, which has paid off this season. They were extremely lucky to have Noland go eight innings today.

So the Razorbacks next face an SEC foe, which should make for an interesting atmosphere Monday night in Omaha.

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