Arkansas’ Dangerous Heat Continues: Here’s Why This Heat Wave Just Won’t Stop

LITTLE ROCK, Ark – This past weekend, Arkansas experienced a huge rise in temperatures. Saturday was in season with highs in the upper 80s, while Sunday was the first day of our heat wave with an air temperature of 96° and a heat index of 111°. More data is coming in and it shows that this heat wave has no signs of stopping.

All this week, afternoon temperatures will be in the upper 90s. The weather as hot is about 10° warmer than normal and near record breaking. I think the only day we will have a chance to break a record is Thursday.

Expect high temperatures for Little Rock.

Temperatures are one thing, but it’s the heat index that really makes this weather uncomfortable and dangerous. The heat index is what the temperature actually feels like. When it’s really humid, your body can’t cool down too. That’s why the National Weather Service issued excessive heat warnings and heat advisories on Sunday and Monday. It is likely that there will be heat advisories every afternoon this week.

Heat waves in Arkansas are very common, but it is less common for them to last longer than a week. For that to happen, there has to be some sort of blocking weather pattern. Well, we have a blocking pattern, and the omega block has taken hold across the United States. This means that for the next few weeks it will continue to be hot and dry in Arkansas, and cool and rainy on the coasts.

There will be very minor relief from the dangerous heat this weekend. Temperatures will be in the low 90s. This relief will only last over the weekend, as next week temperatures will rise to almost 100°.

Data shows temperatures will continue to be well above average beyond the 7-day forecast.

Such high temperatures and heat indexes are nothing new to the Arkansans. Since these are our first big heats of the summer, it’s important to know how to stay safe and know the signs of heatstroke and heat exhaustion.

Stay safe there! – Meteorologist Alex Libby

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