Arkansas Feels March Madness

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Whether you support the Hogs or haven’t watched a college basketball game all season, almost anyone can get excited about the NCAA March Madness Tournament.

The first round of the big dance begins Thursday, and members of the Garver communications team in Little Rock are filling their parentheses and taking it very seriously.

“Beating everyone here would be a great feeling,” said Collin Hyder.

“This is actually my first installment and I’m really excited about it,” said Morgan Crain.

Some have done their research and filled in their parentheses as logically as possible. Others have opted for a less conventional way of choosing a national champion.

“Well, obviously the coolest mascot,” Crain said with a laugh. “That was my reason for being.”

What’s at stake, you ask? Mostly bragging rights…and a big trophy to rub in all the losers faces.

“We’re going to make our own trophy and we’re going to have it really high so it can be seen above the other booths,” Megan Kuhlman said.

Garver’s communications team began taking on the challenge of tournament support five years ago when they hired Troy Schulte. Prior to joining the company, he was a sports reporter for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. He brought the energy and excitement of madness and helped his team come together.

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