Arkansas hires Jenna Lawrence to embrace and embody the #FarmingtonFast culture

After leading Farmington to a 27-1 regular season, the future Razorback hopes to win a state title with the Lady Cardinals.

FARMINGTON, Ark. — #FarmingtonFast is not just a hashtag.

“We say we have a Functional Offense Structured Transition (FAST) system … so we start every offensive possession 94 feet on the other side,” Farmington head coach Brad Johnson said.

It’s not just a motto either, but more of an identity for Brad Johnson’s Lady Cardinal basketball team…

“We love the pace of play. It’s so critical to who we are both offensively and defensively,” Johnson said.

A perfect system for 6-foot-2 junior Jenna Lawrence…

“Well…she was tailor-made for that,” Johnson said.

“My game, I like running down the field, getting easy layups, transitioning, so I feel like that affects my game as well,” Lawrence said.

It certainly has for the best. In his first year since moving from Melbourne, Lawrence is averaging 18 points, 9.3 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 2.1 steals and 1.7 blocks per game while shooting 38% from three.

“She moved here and really embraced the culture of Lady Cardinal, you know, and really fitted in like a glove for us. She’s been a great addition to the family…needless to say: she’s immensely talented and we’re very lucky to have her on our basketball team,” Johnson said.

The Razorbacks also noticed what a special talent Lawrence was, even before she moved to Farmington.

And let’s just say there wasn’t much drama in her engagement.

“Arkansas has always been my dream school, so every time they offered it to me, I pretty much knew where I was going,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence and her family actually moved to northwest Arkansas in order to be closer to the school she will represent in a few years.

“Acclaimed for them, rooted for them. When I was little, I always went to games. And every time you’re a little girl growing up in Arkansas, your dream is to go to Arkansas.

But before heading to the Hill, she has some business to settle with the 27-1 Cardinals.

“We’ve met all of our expectations, and we’re not done yet,” Lawrence said.

The goal for this team: a state title.

“It would mean the world to them and this community to us to be able to finish this thing properly,” Johnson said.

And Lawrence is laser focused to make that happen.

“I’m just all in basketball mode. Every night I go to the gym, shoot. I don’t do anything but basketball and school, because it’s the playoffs.

We have a goal and we are going to achieve it. »

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