Arkansas man must stay in Ukraine for now, gets engaged

LVIV, Ukraine — As tensions mount along the Ukraine-Russia border, a Little Rock man says life in Lviv is normal.

Chris Loux has lived in Lviv, a city in western Ukraine, for seven years.

“The situation in Ukraine remains unpredictable due to increased threats of Russian military action and yet life seems quite normal here,” Loux said.

Loux was unable to do an interview on camera for security reasons, but was able to email with what is happening on the pitch.

“We have chosen to stay in Ukraine for the time being,” he said.

Loux is part of Josiah Venture, a missionary group that focuses on youth empowerment.

“Our heart is for young people, and we want to see the next generation have an impact in their culture and in their society,” he explained in January.

The Central High School alumnus and Cabot High School graduate said he is monitoring the situation closely.

“The US government urged US citizens to leave Ukraine and moved some consular services from Kyiv to the western city of Lviv,” Loux said.

In January, Loux said it was his decision to stay and that he had a plan and a duffel bag ready if he needed to flee.

“These are not easy decisions for any of us,” Loux said. “Ukraine is our homeland and we deeply love Ukraine and its people. We have chosen to stay in Ukraine for the time being.

As tensions mount, Arkansan announced he proposed earlier this week and is now engaged to a Ukrainian man.

“I understand that the situation in Ukraine is serious but I want people to understand that life goes on here. People go to work, walk their dog, get engaged,” he explained.

Loux asked people to pray for peace in Ukraine.

If Russia invades Ukraine, Loux may briefly return to Little Rock until it is safe to return.

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