Arkansas RNC member responds to question about ‘legitimate speech’ censorship resolution


Mindy McAlindon de Bentonville, the Republican National Committee wife of Arkansas, responded to my request for comment on the RNC resolution censuring Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for joining the House inquiry on January 6, characterized by the resolution as “the persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political speech”.

Governor Hutchinson answered questions about the resolution yesterday saying:

“The censorship resolution by the RNC is wrong; undermines respect for our rule of law; and unnecessarily divides our party. I am grateful for these brave dissenters in the RNC vote.

I sent out several queries seeking to see if the Arkansas members of the RNC – State President Jonelle Fulmer, the committee member Jonathan Barnett of Siloam Springs and committee member, McAlindon — participated in the vote and, if so, how they voted.

Reports from the event, including the video, indicate that the resolution was approved by an overwhelming vote in a set of resolutions. Reports indicate that those not dispersed were heard from. The senses. Mitt Romney and Bill Cassidy and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan also criticized the vote.

So far, only McAlindon has agreed to answer my questions.

Here is the exchange, which ended with a question that remained unanswered:

McAlindon, vice chairman of the Benton County Republican Committee, is a business and marketing consultant and a candidate for State House District 10. This seat is currently held by Representative Jim Dotson, a Republican who is running for the Senate this year. In her announcement, she said:

“I am a conservative who believes in the Constitution, the right to bear arms and pro-life and pro-family values. Protecting individual liberties and repelling government excesses are essential. »

I could ask McAlindon to push back if she was still answering questions. It is not enough to denounce the violence without mentioning those who encouraged the riot or the documented efforts to overturn a valid election with fake electoral votes, congressional resistance and other means. Is it overkill to investigate a voter fraud scheme by supporters of Donald Trump and possibly the president himself?

daisy bonilla announced as the Democratic candidate for the seat McAlindon is seeking.

Today, Governor Hutchinson still dominates his fellow Republicans in Arkansas.

By the way: he reiterated his statement on Twitter today and the comments include a lot in his favor. And, yes, a lot not so much.

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