Arkansas urges natives to choose the natural state this holiday weekend

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The 4th of July weekend is usually the time when people get out, enjoying the scenery or taking a well-deserved vacation.

But this summer, Arkansas State hopes Adventurers will choose the Natural State; stay local to enjoy all our home has to offer.

It’s a favorite pastime for many Arkansans: getting ready, catching family, and going out – a trend that extends beyond the natural state. Jacob Critz is originally from Arkansan and now spends his days in the Lone Star State. But the neighboring state’s many hiking trails call it home, its favorite vacation destination just a few hours away. On Friday, Critz was visiting Pinnacle Mountain, a popular hiking spot a few miles from Little Rock.

“It makes it so much more enjoyable to come back to see the family because there’s so much great nature there,” Critz said, explaining that he frequently returns to AR. “It’s funny because I saw commercials in Texas! Come natural, and all that.

That’s exactly what Arkansas State Parks love to hear, focusing their efforts on attracting those just passing through and now, locals – never more than 60 miles from a state park.

Shea Lewis is the director of state parks in Arkansas. He and the team are now shifting their focus from flyers to drivers, those looking to get a little closer to home.

“The impact on gas prices is pushing travelers to stay a little closer to home,” Lewis explained. “Part of the original concept of state parks was to be a resource for local residents.”

The impact of staying local speaks for itself. Not only do parks and other attractions pump money back into the state’s economy, but local cities and counties also benefit travelers, with gas stations, local restaurants and major vendors serving domestic customers. and foreigners.

4th Julye The weekend is expected to be a huge success for the parks system, but even during the pandemic, the call of the wild has been strong: 2021 saw 9.4 million visitors head to their most popular state park. close.

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