ASP: Arkansas Couple, Daughter Killed, Daughter’s Husband Arrested

HAZEN, Ark. – Arkansas State Police say they are resuming the investigation into a fatal shooting in Hazen that left a couple and their adult daughter dead and their son-in-law arrested.

According to a statement released Saturday by ASP, officers from the Hazen Police Department responded to the scene on Highway 63 just after 9:30 p.m. Friday.

Officers said they found three victims, Amanda Turner, 62, and James Turner, 64, both of Hazen, and Mirranda Munnerlyn, 46, of Carlisle, noting the victims appear to have been shot outside the residence.

As officers responded to the scene, investigators said they were alerted to a suspect in the shooting, Mirranda Munnerlyn’s husband, Michael Munnerlyn, 50, of Carlisle, driving north on Highway 63. officers found the van Munnerlyn was driving and arrested him. .

ASP officials said special agents from the Criminal Investigations Division worked through the night to collect evidence at the scene and begin interviewing witnesses and others with knowledge of the family and circumstances that may have lead to the fatal shootout.

Troopers said the bodies of all three victims were sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab to confirm the manner of death.

Following the investigation, the soldiers will turn their case over to the Prairie County District Attorney.

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