Avian flu state of emergency now established in Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KAIT) – Although there have been confirmed cases of bird flu in regional states, agriculture officials in Arkansas said Wednesday they hoped an emergency rule put in place spot earlier this month would help avert cases in the state.

The state of emergency began March 23 and will run until July 20, 2022, officials said on social media.

Under the rule, people cannot exhibit domestic poultry or waterfowl; moving poultry or domestic waterfowl from or within an affected area, but poultry with shuttle agreements or testing for avian influenza prior to movement by PCR or antigen capture are exempt .

It is also prohibited to sell, trade, trade, auction or give away domestic poultry or waterfowl at fairs, exchanges, auctions, flea markets and other similar events in an affected area. However, chicks and ducklings under two weeks old from an NPIP certified flock are exempt.

State officials said an affected area covers a 25-mile radius around a flock with a confirmed case, while all free-range and backyard poultry must be confined under a roof or in a structure to prevent contamination from birds flying overhead or from direct exposure.

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