Can Arkansas do it again, or does Duke have what it takes to make the Final Four? Shooters – Athletics

Greetings to all, on this wonderful Sweet 16/Elite Eight weekend.

For those in the know, Brian Hamilton and I often wander into this space in Shot Takers, but since Brian is in Chicago and I’m in San Francisco, we welcome my fellow Tobacco Road writer extraordinaire Brendan Marks to talk a bit Arkansas versus Duke. Since it’s not really Shot Takers, I suggest renaming it Notae Takers, since Hogs’ JD Notae took all the hits against Gonzaga.

Anyway, Brendan, welcome. Have you recovered from your educational experience sitting behind the Duke bench?

Brendan: Thank you, Dana. Long, first time. It’s funny that you say “educational”. Sitting, oh, arm’s length from Duke’s group made me think of the time we talked to Michael Savarino, Coach K’s grandson and a Duke extra, before this season. Quick Story Time: We asked Michael about his early basketball memories of K, and he basically said it wasn’t one of the titles, the big wins, whatever. It was sitting behind Duke’s bench as a kid, looking Grandpa in the eye…then learning all the profanity that exists in English. I am happy to report that I too can now say the same.

But seriously, it was a hell of a vantage point for a hell of a game. I wasn’t sure if Duke had the toughness gene to dance with Texas Tech, but I didn’t see any scared faces in this group.

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