Central Arkansas celebrates eight women over 100

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – On Monday, at the Presbyterian village, there was a birthday party for the ages. The ages, however, were only for people 100 and older.

It’s an exclusive club that seems to be growing. Eight women were honored at the special luncheon for reaching the triple digit mark in terms of years on Earth.

“It’s pretty wonderful,” said Kathryn Bost, 100. “I have no aches or pains and I am enjoying life every day.”

“It kind of came over you,” said Dorothy Power, who turned 100 in August 2021. “You don’t notice any difference and I don’t feel any different.”

Dorothy may not feel any different herself, however, she can’t say the same about the world around her.

“The whole world is different,” Power said.

“You walk into a house now and the dishwasher is on, the washing machine is on. It looks like a factory,” Bost added.

Bost, Power and company still live their best life every day playing cards, bingo, dominoes and other activities. But these activities are not necessarily the keys to living more than a century.

“There is no secret,” Power said. “Just try to live a good life and stay out of trouble.”

“Happiness is the only thing that brought me here,” Bost said. “The only thing I’ve done that’s different, I think, than anyone else, is laugh a lot. And I try to make other people laugh a lot, like I made you laugh.

Dr. Jeanne Wei is the director of the Institute of Aging at UAMS and says that before the pandemic, the highest number of centenarians celebrated at any given time was three.

“It’s extremely rare,” Dr. Wei said. “It’s such an inspiration for all of us to see people who have turned 100. It’s a big milestone.”

A milestone that potentially more people can reach in the future. According to Dr. Wei, 1 in 3 babies born in the US and UK have a better chance of living to 100 thanks to modern science and medicine.

However, for Bost, she just wants to make sure she never gets old enough to be mean all the time.

“How many am I supposed to have?” Bost asked with a laugh. “I don’t want to outlive my kindness.”

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