Derek Ruscin returns to ESPN Arkansas after insulting player

It was a meeting Podcast Oh the pain hosted by Joe Benigno. Sid Rosenberg was with his former WFAN partner Benigno.

Rosenberg recalled the chemistry the two had together and felt they were on their way to “become the next Mike and Mad Dog, there was no doubt about it.”

“We were like a really cool sports chat duo. Usually sports chat duos are pretty cheesy, it wasn’t you and me. We were really cool.

Rosenberg currently co-hosts Bernie and Sid in the morning on 77 WABC in New York.

The two were on WFAN for nearly three years when they were only on one show together less than that. Rosenberg fondly remembers his time at Benigno. “Looking back on my entire career, working with you was about as good as it gets.

The two took time to keep catching up, and Benigno was interested in the process behind Rosenberg turning his sports talk show in Miami at the time, into one that featured more politics.

“It was 2014 and Mark Chernoff offered me the opportunity to come to New York and fill out the whole summer at WFAN,” Rosenberg began. “I would do my Miami show in the morning and then I would fill in the middays for you and Evan (Roberts). I remember I was screaming back and forth, is Carmelo Anthony a great player or just a great attacking player? Is Eli Manning a Hall of Famer or just a compiler? Is Lebron James returning to Cleveland?

I remember calling Danielle (wife) and telling her – there was just a terrorist attack in Paris – and I said ‘what do I do?’ I have two small children. I scream with adults, I scream at the top of my voice to know if Carmelo Anthony is a great player?

It was in this discussion with his wife that his new path would begin. “I realized it was time to move on a bit and started using more politics on my daily South Florida show.”

At one point, Benigno interrupted to ask Rosenberg about his history with Craig Carton.

“Twenty-two years ago when I got my first job in New York at 102.7 WNEW, I was with a guy named Scott Kaplan. They fired Scott Kaplan. I went into Jeremy’s office Coleman, he works at SiriusXM, and I had worked with Craig Carton in Fort Lauderdale with Scott Kaplan in 2000. I saw his resume and I said, ‘I like this guy.’ trouble in Philadelphia, but give it a chance.

“I’m the guy who really hired Craig Carton at WNEW to be my partner,” Rosenberg boasted. “Turns out he stabbed me in the back. He went to 101.5, I went to FAN. We didn’t talk for years. Now we’re really good friends, but it was ten very, very lousy years for me and Carton.

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