Everything Brian Kelly said after Tigers win

The Tigers didn’t know it at the time, but with Saturday’s 13-10 victory over the Arkansas Razorbacks and Alabama’s subsequent victory at Ole Miss later in the day, LSU clinched the title of the SEC West division.

Coach Brian Kelly will take this team to Atlanta in the first year, where they will almost certainly face a team from Georgia.

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It wasn’t the greatest win for LSU, as the offense had its least productive game in a while. Jayden Daniels has been sacked seven times and turned the ball over twice.

There are a lot of things the Tigers need to work on as they prepare to host UAB for senior night. Here’s what Kelly said after the ugly but crucial victory.

Opening Statement

“I’ll start by saying it’s hard to win in the SEC, it was obvious today. I could go through a long list of things we need to do better, but the fact is our guys wanted to win, they were ready to win, they were ready to face a team that had just suffered a disappointing loss, and we knew they were going to play hard today and they did, they are a well trained football team. Sam Pittman does a great job. I thought Barry Odom called a great game defensively, their team was prepared and they were a great challenge for us today. But we found a way to win on the road, and that’s really what it’s about when you play in a league like this… find a way to win, and that’s what I’m proud… Our guys have the mental tenacity to fight and find a way to win a football game when we were challenged like we were today.

“I’m not sitting here disappointed, I’m delighted that we won the football game in a very difficult environment… we’re in a different field now, we’re chased and we’re going to get the best out of everyone, and they understand it. We have things to work on, and we will appreciate this victory, and we will come back prepared for the UAB and the senior night.

On Harold Perkins

“Eight tackles, four sacks, two forced fumbles, all over the field. Impacted the game obviously at the level we win the match, because of his end game too. Multi-dimensional player, makes a great play in pass coverage going under a throw late in the game. I don’t think there are enough superlatives to describe this young man as a true freshman, you can imagine he got the game ball.

On Perkins’ health entering the game

“He got sick before the game, threw up on the way to our team meeting. I said, ‘Hey, MJ threw up when he had his biggest game,’ he said, “Who is MJ?” I was like, ‘Man, I’m getting so old,’ but yeah, he’s pretty special.

(Asked about the illness): “Flu. No problem, four bags.

Passing the struggles of the game

“A lot of multiple looks, he was hesitant. He just didn’t have the aggression he needed, he wasn’t sure about some things. We need to do a better job training him and he needs to be more assertive. They did a lot of things defensively that I thought were really good. A couple of times we had receivers wide open, we were doing play routes and drawing the supports inside and they were rallying and getting their hands on it and knocking down short touchdown passes. They played very well, we need to improve as a position coach, and they did a very good job defensively.

On Perkins’ Growth

“I think his ability to drop cover, we saw that today, being in the right place and away from responsibility. There were times earlier in the year when he just cut a gap and you had big runs. He’s so much more aware of the shortcomings in terms of making sure he fits the pieces the right way. Sometimes he was running around things, was in the wrong gap, just that confidence factor is really important now.

On whether performance means the team continues to grow

“Oh yeah, but you still have to find ways to make plays and win those plays at the end. We’re far from a finished product, I don’t think anyone feels like ‘we’ve arrived’, we We have a lot of work to do. But on this journey, we always find ways to win football games. I think I said it from the start, the goal going into this year was to to be better in November, to play hard and to teach this team how to win… those were the principles that I wanted to instill in this team. And those are there, they know how to win football games, and that It’s a great trait to have. They believe they’re going to win, and they find a way to win. And it’s a perfect exam.

On Josh Williams

“Just a tough, physical, you’re talking about, if you look up strain in the dictionary, that’s the guy. He puts effort into everything and has a big effect on everyone when he’s out there. I figured a little bumped, we had to take him out, should be fine. He was again captain of the game for the third or fourth time. He has a big influence on our team.

When he found out Arkansas QB KJ Jefferson wouldn’t play

“We still had to prepare for the offensive structure of a quarterback who could run him and throw him, so it didn’t really affect him. We kind of had to prepare like he was playing and then if the substitute was playing we were ready. I think (Cade Fortin) came in very well, he threw a nice ball on the sideline. I think he gave them great energy starting football, forced us to do things that we maybe didn’t practice as much as other things, so he was a catalyst for them.

On the effectiveness of Arkansas’ passing rush

“We met several of them, they did a really good job of staying on top, they didn’t want Jayden to come out of pocket. There should have been more of us in the pocket, we tried to get out, they weren’t going to let us out. They stayed on the edges… stayed at quarterback level, I thought they were well practiced…”

On the low total passing footage

“We pitched for 400. I think the ability to run the football, you have to be able to run the football and put in place at least some sort of attacking structure, and we played so well defensively. It’s not something we want to make a living out of, but I think there were circumstances with some of the teams we played with that allowed us to play the game that way. Rotations, I think we need to do a better job. Both were outside of the zone reads… I’ll put that on the coaching, we need to do a better job of spending more time on some of those conflict reads.

On the offensive line allowing 7 sacks

“Sacks are overrated when it comes to offensive line issues. Sometimes the quarterback causes sacks, sometimes it’s the back. When you break it all down, you don’t want your quarterback fired at all. I think they did a really good job of putting on the pressure and I think we probably needed to do a better job overall in pass protection. I’m not skipping the offensive line here, but whenever we talk about sacks, you should be looking at everyone, including the practice of this one. We are all responsible for it. »

On Joe Foucha and Greg Brooks Jr.’s return to Arkansas

“First and foremost, they fit very well in terms of culture. They were in a really good program here in Arkansas where they’re doing the right things. They came in and were good role models for doing things the right way, so they really helped me early on to make sure we had guys doing things the right way. Joe and Greg were exceptional in this regard. As football players they are good players and they have contributed, but I would say their contributions off the pitch have been as important as on the pitch.

On the aggressiveness of the fourth try

“I think you know I use analysis to make some of those calls, but today, for example, I threw fourth-and-one late in the game… that was an analytical shot to go. , I chose not to. They had no more time outs, I thought we were playing better in defense than in attack. I felt like that was the wisest thing… Sometimes it’s a hunch and sometimes I use analysis to make those decisions.

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