Girl Trek Arkansas to Host Exhibit and Concert at Hempstead Hall September 23-24 – SWARK Today


The first GirlTrek: Arkansas event is being held to include our urban community and every woman and girl across the state of Arkansas is welcome. This health symposium and outdoor expo wellness walk centered experience is a co-branded, multicultural affair for Arkansas that the entire community can join in on.

This Symposium exhibit scheduled for September 23-24, 2022 at Hempstead Hall UA-Hope Campus (2500 South Main, Hope) featuring a state-of-the-art main theater, breakout rooms, wellness walk, pavilion, Grande opening will take place at 12:00 p.m. With the exhibitors, we will host a Q&A panel with an awards ceremony and evening benefit concert.

GirlTrek is a nationwide movement of 1.8 million black women, now marching towards healing and liberation as a life-saving sisterhood. GirlTrek is a global movement of black women leveraging the historic legacy of walking and the power of self-care as a path to healing and improving our lives. We believe that walking 30 minutes a day is a radical act of self-love and the root of a cultural revolution. #GirlTrek

We at the SouthWest SisSTARs Committee of Hope, Arkansas invite you to be a part of and promote our upcoming GirlTrek National Regional State experience.

This venue will allow all in attendance to hear National GirlTrek Speakers share the 2035 Agenda for Women and Girls, September 23, 2022. Everything is planned with you in mind so that solutions can emerge and we engage in dialogue and to digest and move forward towards accomplishment towards better health outcomes after hearing the strategic goals, mission and GirlTrek vision.

On Saturday, September 24, we’ll ask questions during the roundtable, and we’ll welcome and award “Golden Shoelaces,” for those who complete the 21-day march and read city and state proclamations, before the donation-based matching benefit. evening concert.

We look forward to hearing from distinguished speakers from the community, such as Executive First Lady Barbra Pitts, Orange Baptist, Honorable Mayor Veronica Smith-Creer of El Dorado and Andrea Brown, Mr. Roseanne and Mr. Bandy and A. Lacount to note a few .

We will start the program quickly at noon. We have a roster of dynamic and outstanding hosts who are excited to talk about GirlTrek Arkansas 2022.

The focus on health symposium work rooms will be recorded. Your entry is your consent to be videotaped or photographed. * No balls are permitted in Hempstead Hall.

This event is a treasure trove of information and educational resources for the community and community partners.

Thank you for answering and booking your availability.

The benefit concert, flyer below, will take place at the Hempstead Hall Performance and Event Venue on Saturday, September 24 with artist and speaker Angela L. Bryant.

Thank you in advance, share the news, and we hope you will continue to join us as planned at the end of September 2022.

All are welcome to attend from near and far (this is an in-person event). Please share this information with your circle of influence and peers. I look forward to meeting you all in person for these two daring days.

Spread the word, check out the flyer, please alert others as mentioned. We can promote wellness through walking and increased awareness of outdoor education.

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