Have you heard of the cannabis-themed restaurant in Arkansas?

Next time you’re in Little Rock, Arkansas, and you’re feeling peckish, Cheba Hut just might be the hippest place to go, as it’s the first cannabis-themed restaurant in Arkansas which is really groovy.

Based in Colorado, Cheba Hut Toasted Subs was founded in 1998 by Scott Jennings and now has 30 locations, in 10 states, including its brand new restaurant in Little Rock.

Signature Subs

With over 30 mouth-watering subs like chicken and veggie subs that are named after strains of marijuana, “Panama Red”, White Widow, “And Jamaican Red”, of course they’re all grilled for your greatest pleasure. Gate is the keyword!

If you like BBQ, how about “Acapulco Gold”, Sandwich or “Silver Haze”, Hummus Sandwich, “Magic Mushroom”, Portabella or “Kush”, BLT Sub ?


If you’re craving appetizers or snack foods as they’re called, you should try the pretzel nuggets and the loaded Not’ Chos and Bowl O’ Balls, need I say more? All the food in Cheba Hut is local, you know what I’m saying?

Notice the really cool mural on the wall. Is that Bill Clinton next to Family Guy?

By the way, you can’t have a cannabis-themed restaurant without brownies, chocolate chip cookies, crispy rice bars, or their signature Goo Balls.

And to top it off, wash it all down with specialty drinks like Dirty Hippie, Hash Can, Gin N Juice, Cheba Rita, Brass Monkey, Jalapeno Orange Tequila, Pickle Vodka, Spiked Kool-Aid and the finest local beer from Arkansas breweries.

It’s called the Hash Can drink.

The only thing missing from this one-of-a-kind restaurant in Arkansas is Cheech and Chong. Stop by their Cheba Hut Little Rock location at 10825 Kanis Rd. Suite 100 or visit their website Where The Facebook page.

Be on the lookout (BOLO) for two more locations coming soon in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

All I know, after writing this story, I think I might be hungry! Would you like to see any of these restaurants in Texarkana?

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