How Arkansas Realtors Stay Safe While Showing Homes

As more people head to open houses to browse, Arkansas real estate agents are making sure they’re not putting themselves in harm’s way and sharing tips on how to stay safe.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As more and more people head to open houses to look for their potential home, estate agents have made sure not to put themselves in danger.

Realtors have started to see a change in the market.

Kaye Chambers, with Keller Williams Realty, mentioned how the shift in the housing market has been, in part, due to rising interest rates.

“Homes stay on the market a little longer,” Chambers said.

Although this does not prevent future buyers from stopping there.

“It’s definitely more crowded than last summer,” Chambers described.

Along with showing homes that are currently on the market, she also makes sure she can stay safe.

“Security is a huge factor and what we do as real estate agents,” Chambers said.

One of the first things Chambers said his company teaches them is the safety precautions officers should take.

“Make sure everyone logs in, make sure you know where all your exits are [and] that you don’t have any windows open,” Chambers explained.

Ericka Day, real estate agent at Crye-Leike Realtors, explained how she created a matching system.

“I’ll bring someone with me, whether it’s another real estate agent, my husband or my brother, I’ll always let someone know I’m there,” Day said.

She goes even further and sees if the people who live in the neighborhood are able to help.

“I could go to the neighbor’s door and be like, you know, I’m having an open house here tomorrow. Can you kind of be careful [and] keep an eye on me,” Day said.

Staying safe is not only a priority for her, but also for her business. They meet weekly to remind other real estate agents of the precautions to take.

Fortunately, the two real estate agents said they had never been in danger on the job.

“Always follow your instincts [and] your intuition. If your intuition tells you it’s not right, it’s not right,” Day said.

Their safety is due to careful training from their respective companies.

“We’re making it much harder for people to consider doing anything that might be something that might harm us,” Chambers said.

In 2014, real estate agent Beverly Carter was kidnapped from a house showing and murdered by a man and a woman, since then the Beverly Carter Foundation was established.

You can check out the foundation’s website for tips and tricks on how real estate agents can stay safe. here.

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