How Auburn and Harsin win Arkansas week even though scoreboard says neither did

Bryan Harsin probably wants nothing more than to hang on until his Auburn Tigers can face the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Sam Pittman’s team was one of the few teams to struggle against Auburn last season, suffering a loss just after a 37-0 thrashing at the hands of eventual national champion Georgia in terms of points differential.

However, instead of hoping he can hold out until the shadow of Halloween for a chance to go 2-0 against the Hogs, there is a path that would be best for Harsin and Auburn that will require very probably the embattled coach is jumping. on a trip to the Ozarks for an early Rocky Mountain ski season.

With Karl Dorrell as the head coach at Colorado, Harsin has a chance to save face while creating a win-win for himself and Auburn.

Rumor has it the Buffaloes originally threw the tires on Harsin after several successful years at Boise State, but he was holding out for a bigger fish. Unfortunately for Harsin, he caught a great white shark in Auburn.

He wasn’t ready for the headaches that come with Auburn boosters, recruiting in the same state as Nick Saban and working his way through SEC West every year in addition to facing Penn State.

But that doesn’t mean Harsin isn’t an ideal candidate for Colorado. He may have been the worst possible cultural fit for the SEC, but a seasoned Rockies-area scout facing a Pac 12 schedule in the low-pressure college football world of the western United States is exactly what the doctor ordered Harsin to rehabilitate his reputation.

If Colorado is really interested, it’s a deal that could be done next week, or at the latest, during the bye week just before Arkansas’ game. Both schools could agree to forgo negotiations on the buyout clause and simply say Colorado gets Harsin without a buyout as long as Auburn owes Harsin nothing in return.

Harsin doesn’t have the negative aura of getting fired, Auburn doesn’t have to pay for a second coach to leave in as many years, and Colorado gets the coach it wants without breaking the bank for it. to tear out.

Meanwhile, there’s no way to gauge whether Arkansas comes out on top in this area as well. It’s unclear how the Tigers players will handle things.

On the one hand, no longer having the dark cloud of Harsin’s impending career execution by the area hair trigger boosters hanging above them could allow players to focus on the game with energy. renewed.

On the other hand, they can decide that the season is over and start mapping potential transfer portal destinations.

Either way, Auburn comes out on top as they move on to their newest victim, uh…coach.

That’s when the fun begins.

Harsin shops for new homes in the Rockies while Auburn tries to find someone crazy and desperate enough to lead this madhouse.

I heard Chad Morris might be available.

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