How many of these Arkansas attractions have you visited?

The state of Arkansas may be considered the “Natural State”, but it also has a ton of great attractions for the whole family to do. Take a look at the list and tell us how many of these attractions you’ve visited and seen.

Bill Clinton’s birthplace, Hope Ar.

In Hope Arkansas, it is the birthplace of our 42nd President Bill Clinton. The house is located at 117 S Hervey Street in Hope. It is open to visits. Have you visited the house or have you just walked past? You can find out more about the home visits here

Diamond Crater State Park

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

Located at 209 State Park Road in Murfreesboro, this is one of the only places in the world where you can dig for real diamonds in their original volcanic source. We hear about people finding big diamonds there all the time. Have you spent a day looking for diamonds? Get more information at Arkansas State Parks website.

Digging Crystals at Ron Colman Mining

photo by Rebecca Campbell to Unsplash

Located at 155 Crystal Ridge Lane Jessieville, Arkansas. This is a family owned quartz crystal mine with the ability to dig for your own crystals and a zip line over the quartz mine, More details on their site.

Hot Springs Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo

Jim Weaver, Townsquare Media

It is located at 847 Whittington Ave in Hot Springs. You can hold baby alligators and feed bigger ones too. Plus, the petting zoo features emus, dwarf goats, sheep, and more! Food available for all guests. More details on their website and learn about Jim’s experience just a few weeks ago.

The Great Passion Play at Eureka Springs

Jim Weaver, Townsquare Media

The Great Passion Play, located at 935 Passion Play Road in Eureka Springs, AR. This play in the large open-air amphitheater has been taking place since 1968 and tells the story of Jesus. Find dates and times on their website.

These are just a few of the great attractions to check out in the state of Arkansas, so I’m sure another list will be available soon!

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