Much of Arkansas under severe thunderstorm watch until 9 p.m.

PETIT ROCK, Ark. – SUNDAY EVENING UPDATE: After a straight week of record heat and almost no rain, the threat of severe weather is back in the forecast. The concern is caused by a storm complex that will move into Sunday afternoon.

WHAT: The Storm Prediction Center has much of central Arkansas under watch for severe thunderstorms until 9 p.m. The area in pink has the best chance of seeing damaging winds up to 80 mph and up to tennis ball sized hail.

HOURLY: Sunday morning will remain dry, sunny and warm. If you have outdoor projects, the morning will be the best time to do them. Storms will begin to move into northwest Arkansas during the afternoon hours and into central Arkansas around dinnertime. Most storms will be out of the state after dark.

THREATS: With Sunday’s pattern, the biggest threat is large hail. Hailstones could become as big as tennis balls. In the storm line we could also see wind gusts of 60-80 mph. Some flash flooding is also likely. The risk of tornadoes is still very low.


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