PAIN AT THE PUMP: Gasoline prices in Arkansas break records for the 4th time this week | KLRT

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Gasoline prices in Arkansas on Thursday topped record highs for the fourth straight day this week.

AAA said the average price for regular gas in the natural state is $4.13, up just over a penny from the previous record set Wednesday. This price is up more than 12 cents from last week, 41 cents from last month, and more than $1.35 from the same date in 2021.

Figures show drivers in Lafayette County experience the most pain at the pump with an average gas price of around $4.41, while drivers in Sebastian County pay the least with an average of about $3.99 per gallon.

Pine Bluff drivers see some of the highest prices in central Arkansas at just over $4.20 per gallon. It costs drivers in Hot Springs just under $4.11 to fill up, and drivers in the Little Rock-North Little Rock area pay just $4.08 a gallon.

The average diesel fuel price in Arkansas fell less than a cent to $5.26, less than a nickel from its record high set last week.

The national average price for regular gasoline also hit a new record high of $4.59 per gallon. Oklahoma has the lowest average price in the nation at $4.03, with California continuing to reign as the high price leader with an average cost of $6.06 per gallon.

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