President wishes death on LGBTQ people at shocking Conway Arkansas school board reunion

A school board meeting in Arkansas went off the rails on Tuesday when a speaker insisted to the entire room that members of the LGTBQ+ community “deserve” death.

The controversial meeting of the Conway School District Board of Trustees had already sparked a public backlash against the anti-trans policies that were being considered. But a viral video capturing the speaker’s searing sermon has set social media on fire.

“God delivered them to a depraved spirit to do what they shouldn’t do,” the gray-haired man says in a video clip recorded by a meeting attendee. “They invent ways to do evil. But let me remind you that those who do such things deserve death,” the speaker whispers as he reads a prepared speech. At this point, some people in the audience turn their heads and exchange glances, seemingly taken aback by the speaker’s rhetoric.

“The LGBT community not only continues to do these things, but also approves of those who do them,” the speaker said.

This clip ends as the man continues to rant about the LGBTQ+ community.

Social media users were quick to speak out against the hateful outburst.

“Just someone at a Conway school board meeting saying LGBTQ people deserve death according to their version of Christianity,” a Resident of Arkansas tweeted.

“SHAME on the Conway School Board, and SHAME on the hateful and deceived spirit of transphobes in my home country,” the graphic novelist and Arkansas native tweeted. Nate Powell.

In a separate video of the speech captured by another attendee, the unidentified man, who was wearing a light blue shirt and jeans, concluded by saying, “God loves everyone.”

“He even likes those in the LGBT community, but he doesn’t like immoral practices or standards,” the man adds. The video cuts to a halt after he says, “The penalty for this decision is…” When the footage plays back, the man is off the microphone and the audience applauds.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the school board voted to adopt two new policies that require children to respect their sex assigned at birth when using the restroom and arranging overnight trips, local outlet THV reported. 11.

Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert made an appearance and spoke out in favor of the bans.

“Tonight you are voting on truth, not just politics,” he read in a prepared statement. “I am here tonight to help the Conway School Board take responsible and appropriate action by supporting two proposed policies before you.”

“God created men and women, and we appreciate and recognize the differences between the two sexes. The overwhelming majority of people in this community support the Conway School District by adhering to these facts in your policies, your rules, your regulations,” Rapert continued before launching into a rant about the “horror stories” of the “transgender political movement”.

The lawmaker said he supported the council’s “two common sense policies” to “reject lies about sex and gender”.

According to local reports, the anti-trans policies were introduced at a September board meeting.

“Sex means the physical condition of being male or female based on genetics and physiology, as identified on the individual’s original birth record,” the policy states, according to THV 11. “For To ensure confidentiality and security, each school district shall require that each multiple of washrooms or change rooms be designated as follows: 1) For the exclusive use of males, or 2) For the exclusive use of females.

“Each district school shall provide reasonable accommodation to any person who fails to comply with the provisions of this policy,” the rule adds. “Reasonable accommodation should be access to a single occupancy washroom or changing room.”

Similar instructions apply to overnight stays.

“The Conway, Ar[kansas] school board is literally that cruel,” said social media user tweeted. “Trans boys and girls will be required to use the bathroom on their birth certificate. And there are even entire buildings on campus without… even a single bathroom. My heart breaks for these children.

In addition to the restrictions, the school board voted to ban two books: the anthology Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out by Susan Kuklin and youth novel Felix forever by Kacen Callender, the Arkansas Times reported. The books were deemed inappropriate due to their LGBTQ+ content.

The ACLU of Arkansas denounced the entire board meeting.

“Tonight, the Conway School Board voted to ban the books — and even worse — to target students for unfair treatment,” said the Arkansas chapter of the ACLU tweeted. “These policies are not original but they are dangerous. We unequivocally condemn their actions.

Neither Rapert nor the Conway Public School Board immediately returned The Daily Beast’s requests for comment.

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