Nikole Hannah-Jones the creator of the glorified and castigated Project 1619 about the history and lingering impact of slavery in America, had a tangy retort to Senator Tom Cotton attempt to capitalize a bit on Jackie Robinson’s 75th anniversary breaking the color line in major league baseball.

Cotton and other Republicans don’t want kids talking about such a divisive history in this grandiose, color-blind United States of America (except to slam Black Lives Matter participants for speaking out about ongoing discrimination.)

Hannah-Jones would have done well to check our publication for another sign of Cotton’s hypocrisy. He praised Robinson the same day he stood in federal court defending racial gerrymandering by the Republican legislature in Arkansas’ second congressional district to reduce the number of black voters in Pulaski County because of their general preference for Democratic candidates for Congress. (Cotton couldn’t even carry Pulaski County against a lightly-funded black Libertarian candidate in 2020 after he submerged a Democratic candidate out of the race.)

Cotton said it was just a little old partisan gerrymandering, which is legal, and that the racial argument – ​​trading 22,000 black voters from Pulaski for 22,000 white voters from Cleburne County is only a pretext, no matter what the Constitution or the Voting Rights Act says.

What would Jackie say about that? Or on Cotton’s statement that slavery was a necessary evil? Or Cotton’s effort to censor the 1619 Project in schools? Robinson WAS a Republican. But that was when many Republicans were defending civil rights.

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