Report: Arkansas Among States With Most Affordable Housing Markets | KTVE

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Looking to buy a house without breaking the bank during inflation? A new report shows that Arkansas is one of the 10 most affordable housing markets.

According to, Arkansas has the third cheapest housing market with a median list price of $245,000. The report also noted that Bentonville offers financial incentives for people to move to the area.

At the top of the list, West Virginia has the cheapest median price of $199,000. Mississippi sits in the middle of the list with a median list price of $258,000. Missouri takes the lowest spot on the list with a median price of $270,000.

The geographic area, low property taxes, and attractions contribute to real estate markets, making it a playground for potential buyers.

“Most of these states have an abundance of natural attractions,” said George Ratiu, head of economic research for “For a lot of younger buyers, families with young children, that will continue to be a draw,”

All listed median prices fell below the national median home price of $425,000, according to

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