Sam Pittman previews game against Bulldogs

On Wednesday afternoon, Arkansas head football coach Sam Pittman met with the media to preview Saturday’s game against Mississippi State. Here are some highlights of this meeting with the press.

Taking Arkansas football losing consecutive games: “Losses last much longer than victories. It’s just not fun to lose, for the team, for each of us. But at the end of the day, we have a great opportunity against a good football team to go out there, play hard and win.

On the Mississippi State offensive line: “I think they’re really good. They are physical. They direct the ball better. Their splits are getting wider and wider this year… There aren’t a lot of teams chasing them and blitzing them…”

On linebacker Bumper Pool’s coaching breaking Arkansas football’s career tackle record: “Football is such a physical sport, and linebackers, you know, they have to be tough… He definitely earned it. He played a lot of games where he didn’t feel particularly good. But I hope he gets it, and he certainly deserved it if he does.

Arkansas head football coach Sam Pittman prepped the media for Saturday’s game against Mississippi State.

Moving Sam Mbake into the corner: “He had been physical on special teams, and he’s got the range and the size and all that… I think he’s going to be a good player for us whether it’s there or away eventually, but he is very talented.”

On KJ Jefferson’s status to play for Arkansas football on Saturday: “We have a bit of a rule: you have to practice, you have to do something on Wednesday… you have to participate in training on Wednesday to be able to go to the game, so that’s going to tick that box. I can tell you he’s going to be on the plane… assuming I don’t hear he hasn’t practiced.

If he thought his “Jukebox” slogan would become so popular: “Well, definitely, no, because I don’t remember saying it. It was one of those old club music things by a pole…you know, not everyone’s locker room is very good. It was just sitting there, it was a boom box, I think… I never thought a word of it. Next thing I know you have jukeboxes on t -shirts.

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