Republican gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders has agreed to take part in a debate on PBS on October 21. She will share the set with Democrat Chris Jones and Libertarian Ricky Herrington.

Does her phrasing of the event – ​​“talking to the Arkansans” – suggest that she will avoid engaging in counterpoint with naysayers to focus on her stockpile of domestic political talking points?

Jones, for his part, has been busy sending Sanders questions unanswered. And his public appearances have usually been at closed or spectator-controlled events. She has not yet had a serious interview with a journalist.

UPDATE: Jones sent out a fundraiser related to the news.

BREAKING NEWS: It looks like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, my Republican opponent in the Arkansas gubernatorial race, has finally agreed to a debate ahead of the November election.

First, I have to thank this grassroots movement for finally making the decision to engage with us on the issues. Her silence so far has been strategic, and it’s obvious she would gladly continue to avoid these types of interactions if she could win the election regardless. This coalition has pushed her into some kind of action, and she’s clearly feeling the heat.

Unlike their team, we’ve taken this race seriously from the very beginning — and we’re ready to show the state just how prepared we are to lead Arkansas into its future. I know I’m personally excited about this opportunity, and now we need to build momentum so that we’re at our best on debate day.

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