Shopping on the weekends at Hays Food Town in Wynne, Arkansas | Gin Lee

Hays Food Town located in Wynne, Arkansas/Gin Lee

Wynne, Arkansas has a population of 7,773 (2020 census) beautiful people.

In the town of Wynne you will find two Hays Food Town grocery stores. One is located at 1860 North Falls Boulevard and the other at 115 South Falls Blvd.

In Wynne there are also places you can go like the Strong Tower Store, Sonshine Bookstore & Nutrition Center, L&W Western Store, Factory Connection, Hess Shoes Inc, Cordial Cottage, Dixie Furniture Co, Country Blingers $5 Jewelry, Second Chance Thrift Store, Shoe Show, Tractor Supply, Hibbett Sports, Sears Hometown Store, Delta Farm Products, Ace Hardware, Caldwell Lumber, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Walmart Supercenter, etc. Plus, there are a ton of restaurants, convenience stores, and more.

Over the weekend I went shopping basically to stock up on groceries and to see what the shelves were like and the prices. For those of you unfamiliar with the town of Wynne, Arkansas, let me give you a quick picture. The only other major competitor for Hays Food Town is Walmart’s Supercenter, located at 800 Highway 64 East of the city in Wynne. So, there aren’t many choices when it comes to groceries, but Hays and Walmart have everything for everyone’s basic needs.

There was a particular reason I wanted to go to Hays Food Town on Saturday. Hays had their sale they call the Big 6 in the meat department. During this specific sale, you choose six of the packs of meat (which are marked for sale) that you want to buy for $25.00. They also had 10-pound bags of Russet #1 potatoes for $2.98. It was for a one day sale that only lasted Saturday. Diet Pepsi is also on sale, which are three twelve packs for $13.00. Of course, they also had other items on sale, but those were the main items I picked.

What did the store shelves look like?

The stores in general were by no means crowded with people, as they once were. All shelves in the store appeared to be well stocked both at Hays and at Walmart Supercenter in Wynne. However, there were a few items I normally buy that I couldn’t find at either store. The store shelves had no open placement spaces for products that I couldn’t find (there were also no labels for these items on the shelves). Apart from this small setback, everything else seemed normal. Except for higher prices on everything, especially eggs, dairy, deli meats and other meats that weren’t on sale. Even the items in the dollar aisle at Hays are no longer worth a dollar, but rather $1.50.

The prices have become incredibly exorbitant! In fact, while I was shopping today, I stopped to talk with a nice lady and her mother while they were also shopping, and they told me that they were just trying to find items on sale they could afford. I noticed that most people don’t fill their grocery carts like they used to, and the only reason for that is because people can’t afford the prices.

In closing, the sales I personally made at Hays Food Town were well worth making on Saturday. On regular days, Hays always has its Big 5 (choose 5) which is always worth going shopping for meat and various other meat products. Hays also offers a wide variety of different items. Although the products in their dollar aisle are now $1.50, you can still get items like cooking oil, spices, dressings, other condiments, and canned meals and more. cheaper in this section than any other store (minus the Dollar Tree).

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