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NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Each week, THV11 sends Ashley King to discover Arkansas. She explored waterfalls, hiking trails and downtown murals. That day, Ashley visited The old mill in North Little Rock. It is located in the TR Pugh Memorial Park.

The Old Mill is best known for being spotted in the 1939 opening credits of “Carried away by the wind.” To locals, it is known as a serene park with many places to explore.

The mill was built in 1933 to resemble an 1800s watermill. It is a 2 story structure open to visitors. There are stairs available inside to reach the second floor. The upstairs windows give you a breathtaking view of the park.

Water flows throughout the park with at least half a dozen bridges of all sizes. From the top of the larger bridge, you can see a nearby lake that is home to ducks and occasionally geese.

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The park is handicapped accessible with several benches and picnic tables. There is also a bathroom and an observation deck for guests who are not interested in walking to the mill or over the bridges.

The park is often used as a backdrop for seasonal, prom or wedding photos. During the spring and summer months, beautiful flowers bloom in every corner.

It is important to note that dogs are not allowed in this park.

Le Vieux Moulin is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is located at 3800 Lakeshore Dr. in North Little Rock.

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