The Sunday open line, with COVID and the same shameless Huckstering

Whatever the soul Mike Huckabee once had been sold to donald trump. That’s where the money is, as his daughter demonstrated by cashing in on Trump’s loot to follow her father as governor of Arkansas. She’s nothing if not a true believer in her pop and GLOAT.

Lawyer Tom Mars, The Director of State Police under Huckabee (and architect of some measures that kept some of Huckabee’s spending and the state police’s grand use of aircraft out of the reach of prying reports, says it pretty well. L cowardly obedience to Trump by virtually all Republican politicians is a dangerous sign of where the state and country are headed.

But, anyway, the line is open. Weigh.

Here are today’s numbers on COVID-19 in the state from the Arkansas Department of Health.

Total cases: 917,061, an increase of 437 from the number through Saturday

Active cases: 11,904, down from 12,020

Deaths: 11,822, same as yesterday.

The following categories were not updated on Saturday and show changes from Friday’s numbers.

Hospitalizations: 339, compared to 351

In intensive care: 47, against 59

On fans: 19, down from 17

Standard Disclaimer: Due to increased home testing with results not reported to the Department of Health, the numbers are believed to underestimate state cases, possibly significantly spectacular.

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