These are the most visited cities in Arkansas

Here is the truth. We all think Arkansas is a flat, boring state with endless fields of nothing but cotton. While Arkansas grows cotton on a large scale (which is okay), the natural state isn’t just teeming with cotton, it’s also not continually flat. On the contrary, Arkansas is a beautiful state that is disturbingly underrated. The northern parts of the state are particularly stunning and boast extremely hilly terrain, often interspersed with beautiful springs, lush valleys and several sparkling waterfalls.

When it comes to cities and cities in arkansas, visitor preferences have never been so nuanced. Yet, according to reports from the Arkansas Tourism Ticker, sponsored by the Arkansas Hospitality Association, the following cities take the top spot when it comes to visitor numbers as measured by tourist tax collection. We think this is a perfect indicator of travel data. Here we are.

9/9 Eureka Springs

For those who love small towns, Eureka Springs is a cute little town and a big draw for its beautiful setting in the Ozarks. It’s a cute specimen in the natural state with a bucolic look that’s easy to fall in love with. It is ninth in Arkansas for tourist taxesa fairly perfect indicator of the volume of travel.

  • Travel recommendation:
    Nothing beats a ghost tour at
    Hotel Crescent
    . For those with the nerve, sleeping in a morgue is one of the highlights of the visit.

8/9 pine cliff

Here is the truth. There’s been a lot of depressing news lately about Pine Bluff. For example, according to census statistics, Pine Bluff is the fastest shrinking city in the United States. The population of the municipality dropped to 41,253 from 49,083 in the last ten years. Although it looks like Pine Bluff is collapsing on many fronts, it’s still attractive enough to collect $955,494 in tourism taxes from January through April 2022, the eighth highest among Arkansas’ 17 cities.

  • Travel recommendation:
    Bayou Bartholomew is the longest bayou in the world. And for its impressive number of aquatic species, Bayou Bartholomew is the second most diverse waterway in North America.

7/9 Bentonville

The county seat of Benton County is the birthplace of Walmart and the headquarters of the world’s largest retailer. But Bentonville is much more than Walmart. Data released by Arkansas Tourism Ticker shows it collected $959,050 in tourist taxes from January to April 2022.

  • Travel recommendation:
    Aside from the Walmart Museum, Crystal Bridges and the trails around it certainly won’t disappoint. For hiking, Tanyard Creek Nature Trail in Bella Vista is the perfect place.

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6/9 Conway

Known as the college town, Conway offers alluring small-town charm with big-city amenities. Proof of his popularity, Conway collected $1.61 million in tourist taxes from January to April 2022, the sixth highest in Arkansas.

  • Travel recommendation:
    For anglers, Lake Conway is the largest man-made game and fishing commission lake in the United States. And to have some snacks,
    Fresh donuts

    sells fresh, rich and crispy donuts.

5/9 Jonesboro

Northeast Arkansas’ cultural and economic hub, known as the “City of Churches,” collected $1.63 million in tourist taxes from January to April 2022, the fifth highest in Arkansas .

  • Travel recommendation:
    Craighead Forest Park is Jonesboro’s number one attraction. It is spacious, suitable for families and dogs. Their free workout machines are a particular draw.

4/9 Hot Springs

Many years ago, people traveled to Hot Springs, Arkansas to find healing in the bubbling waters of its natural hot springs. Today, there are many other reasons to drop everything for a trip there. It collected $2.74 in tourism taxes from January to April 2022, the fourth highest in the state.

  • Travel recommendation:
    Visitors may wish to visit Garvan Woodland Gardens, Bathhouse Row, Fordyce Bathhouse and, of course,
    Hot Springs National Park
    Arkansas’ only national park.

3/9 Fayetteville

Nestled in the woods of the Ozarks, “the Athens of the Ozarks” is a vibrant city that exudes a youthful spirit, vibe and energy. Arkansas’ third-largest city collected $2.85 million in tourism-related taxes from January to April 2022.

  • Travel recommendation:
    The Arkadia Retrocade is an incredible world of video games where you can play a mind-boggling variety of games for just $5 for an entire day.

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2/9 Little North Rock

Not to be confused with its southern neighbor with whom they share a name, North Little Rock has been recognized as a separate town from Little Rock from 1904. Today, the city boasts charming neighborhoods, sparkling lakes, incredible parks, and other recreational options that draw visitors in droves. His January-April 2022 tourist tax collections were $2.91 million, the second-highest in the state.

  • Travel recommendation:
    Visitors may want to visit the old mill, which was featured in the film
    carried away by the wind
    a film which, upon its release, set a record for Oscar wins as well as nominations.

1/9 small stone

This may be because Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas and will obviously come with distinctive big city attractions. According to data published by Arkansas Tourism Ticker, Little Rock earned the state $5.26 million in tourism taxes for the 4-month period from January to April 2022. This is the highest in the state.

  • Travel recommendation:
    Downtown Riverfront is active and bustling, with attractions such as the Vogel Schwartz Sculpture Garden, the William Clinton Library, or Peabody Splash Park for those with kids.

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