Three police officers brutally beat a man in Arkansas

Brutal police attack on a man in Arkansas

The actions of three police officers from the state of Arkansas (southern United States) provoked strong rejection on social networks, After a video of a brutally beaten man went viral. The incident happened just yards from a Crawford County store.

In the photos, you can see the three officers taking all kinds of blows to the head and the rest of the body, to a subject who is completely immobile on the ground.

A passerby captured the moment in his camera. Even a policeman sees him recording them and asks him to leave.

After what happened Arkansas State Police reported that uniformed officers had been suspended and an investigation into the incident had been opened. So far, no information has been received on what led to such an attack.

A bystander in Arkansas managed to capture the moment of this brutal beating with his car

“Officers are on administrative leave pending the results of investigations,” the press release issued by the Mulberry Police Department read.

“Mulberry City and the Police Department take these investigations very seriously and hold all of our officers accountable for their actions. We will take appropriate action once the investigation is complete. »He added.

From what was recorded by the series foxthe sheriff James Damante Confirmed that those involved are police officer Mulberry and two deputies.

“In reference to social media videos involving two Crawford County Sheriffs’ Deputy, we have asked Arkansas State Police to investigate and the deputy has been suspended pending results. investigation,” Damante said in a Facebook post. ,

According to officials, The man who was beaten by police allegedly spat at a store worker and then threatened him, saying he would “cut his face off”.

The man apparently fled the scene on a bicycle and after a complaint from the store clerk, the police went looking for him.

According to the police version, when the officers approached, The man reportedly began attacking one of the officers, hitting him on the back of the head while pushing him to the ground.

The identity of the victim has not yet been released. The man, who was taken to a local hospital, faces charges of threatening terrorism, resisting arrest, second degree assault, breaking and entering, aggravated assault and possession of a criminal device.


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