That would count as good news unless the county elects someone worse. Very possible given the Republican county judge and the majority of the Court quorum.

Evelynn Rios Stafford who is a justice of the peace, said he heard from two Republicans considering filing a case. No Democrats announced. Helde, who ran as a Democrat, may have found something with the upcoming candidates.

This will give Helder enough time to deal with the lawsuit he faces for so-called medical treatment at his prison, which included unwitting inmates with unhealthy amounts of dewormer in the name of unsuccessful COVID treatment. (Sorry: he has an alibi. No one died.)

COVID has done a good thing for the prison. This forced Helder to end more than a decade of enthusiastic partnership with ICE to lock up offenders with immigration status. This is one of the many ways prison populations have been inflated to help the ever-expanding prison industry in Arkansas.

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