What are the most popular baby names in Arkansas?

ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) – Choosing a baby name can be a challenge for many parents, given that there are millions of options to choose from.

However, parents have their favorites as some names are more common than others. Parents chose these 10 names for boys and 10 for girls most often in Arkansas:

10 most popular names for boys in Arkansas in 2022:

1) Liam

2) William

3) Noah

4) Elijah

5) Olive tree

6) Asher

7) Wyatt

8) James

9) Hudson

10) Henry

10 most popular girl names in Arkansas in 2022:

1) Olive tree

2) Amelie

3) Ava

4) Emma

5) Harpist

6) Evelyne

7) Charlotte

8) Sophia

9) Isabella

10) Willow

According to Names.org, the source analyzing Social Security Administration data on births and user interest on its website to determine popular names notes that Henry is a new name added to the list compared to the last year.

Seven of the state’s popular boy names are also on the national Top 10 list, with Asher, Wyatt and Hudson being the exceptions.

As for girls, Names says Evelyn and Willow are new names to the list this year and eight of Arkansas’ top 10 girl names are in the national top 10. Harper and Willow are the exceptions.

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