You want abnormal? See the Texas Republican Party Platform

Texas Republican convention titles galore.


Banned Log Cabin Republicans, a group of gay Republicans, from the convention hall.

Passed a resolution declaring homosexuality an “abnormal lifestyle choice”.

Called for a statewide referendum on secession from the United States.

Reprimanded Senator John Cornyn for working on light gun safety legislation.

Said Joe Biden was not legitimately elected.

Described gender dysphoria as a mental illness.

Called to end federal income tax and abolish the Federal Reserve.

Voted to end all legislative control over the “right to bear arms”.

Requires school children to learn that life begins at the time of fertilization and to be shown ultrasound procedures, fetal development images, and other instructions supporting opposition to abortion.

Call for the repeal of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

The war now, a state official said, is between patriots (Republicans in Texas) and traitors (anyone who disagrees with them).

The Texas Tribune article explains that party platforms, like this one, are mostly political tools, without the force of law, and that extremists tend to dominate these gatherings. But much of that work has been or will be reflected in acts of the Republican-controlled Texas Legislature, just as the Arkansas Legislature has come to embody the same extremism.

Yes, the United States could be better off without Texas and a few other similar places.

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