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Are There Any Small Business Loans In Arkansas?

Do you own one of Arkansas’ 244,000+ small businesses? Could you use some extra cash to expand your business, perhaps by purchasing real estate, advertising, or acquiring another company?

Make an application for small company financing at If you meet the criteria, you may be eligible for low-interest funding to help you grow your business quicker than you could on your own.

How to Pick the Best Small Business Loan in Arkansas

Knowing where to start with so many lenders and loan options isn’t easy. Begin by deciding how much you want to borrow money and what you’ll do. Also, how quickly will you be able to recoup your loan costs through increased revenue?

A short-term loan (which usually has to be repaid within a few months) can work if you need urgent cash and can repay it soon. You can receive a real estate loan if you need to borrow millions of dollars, perhaps to buy commercial property. Be sure you can afford to repay the loan; else, you risk defaulting.

How Can a Small Business Loan Benefit Your Arkansas Company?

So, why should you think about taking out a small company loan? The advantage frequently outweighs the cost of financing. You can utilize a loan to expand your business, whether it’s to expand your office space, buy more productive equipment, or hire personnel to lighten your burden and service more people.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted income for numerous firms in recent years. 

A business loan may also be able to assist you in surviving the remainder of this awful global circumstance.

There are a variety of small business loans in Arkansas

Before we look at where you can get a business loan in Arkansas, let’s take a look at the many sorts of loans available, as each one serves a distinct function.

Loans from the Small Business Administration

An SBA loan is another alternative for working capital loans if you have good credit. The federal government offers a variety of low-interest lending programs, including the 7(a) and 504 programs. has further information.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Long-term loans with low-interest rates are offered to qualifying Arkansas businesses seeking funds to purchase commercial real estate.

Lines of Credit

If you need cash now, but not all at once, a line of credit is a good option. You can take out a loan today, pay it back later, and then borrow more.

Term loans

Existing firms with a solid credit history may be eligible for bank and credit union term loans. 

These have low-interest rates in general.

Arkansas Small Business Grants

Small business loans aren’t the only way for small business entrepreneurs in Arkansas to receive funding. Grants that do not have to be repaid are also available from nonprofit organizations and municipal governments.

Check out and for grants available to Arkansas businesses (and others across the country). If you’re a woman who runs a business, check out the Amber Grant, which awards $10,000 each month and $25,000 per year. There’s also the Nav Grant, which awards up to $10,000 to small enterprises every quarter.

Other Arkansas Small Business Resources

Do you require assistance with a loan application in Little Rock? Is your company located in Fayetteville or Northwest Arkansas, and you’d like to network with other entrepreneurs? 

Technical support, mentoring, workshops, and networking opportunities are all offered through various business resources.

Little Rock is home to a district office of the United States Small Business Administration, which provides a wealth of business tools and events.

For minority and women-owned firms and those in manufacturing and science and technology, the Arkansas Economic Development Commission is a significant resource. Additionally, the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center can assist you in developing a business strategy, advising on the purchase of a company, or providing advice on how to expand your business.

Know that you’re not alone in Arkansas, no matter where your company is. There are organizations and services and a variety of financial options available to assist you in achieving your goals.