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Swimming and scenery await at Mirror Lake Falls in Arkansas

The natural state of Arkansas, home to hundreds of outdoor attractions, offers tourists the opportunity to indulge in exciting activities. A trip to this amazing state will be beautiful and thrilling, providing an opportunity to experience its beautiful natural rock formations, exciting hiking trails, amazing waterfalls, and towering mountains. The natural state is the place to go if tourists want to connect with nature while participating in a ton of outdoor activities. No one will ever be bored while visiting Arkansas because there are so many things to do there. The state is one of the top vacation destinations in the United States. It offers a variety of historical monuments and entertaining activities in addition to its abundance of breathtaking natural sites. The most scenic waterfalls of Mirror Lake in the mesmerizing Ozark Mountains of north-central Arkansas are a must-see. Here’s a guide to the sights and activities that await them at Mirror Lake Falls.


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How to get to the impressive Mirror Lake Falls

Hike to reach the splendid Mirror Lake Falls and enjoy the panoramic views

Mirror Lake Falls is nestled near the town of Fifty-Six. The cold water from Blanchard Springs Caverns constantly feeds Mirror Lake. In reality, flowing water is constantly 58 degrees Fahrenheit (14.44 degrees Celsius). As a result, rainbow trout can thrive in Mirror Lake. This area has some of the greatest trout fishing opportunities in Arkansas! The 2 km loop around the lake offers fantastic views of the dam, the remains of an old mill and the Blanchard Springs Caverns waterfall. To get there, tourists have to hike the amazing Mirror Lake Trail. Although this route is known for fishing, bird watching and hiking, tourists can still find some peace and quiet during slower times of the day. The trek is pleasant to explore in any season and is open all year round. Also, the trail is pet friendly, dogs are allowed, but they must be on a leash.

  • Difficulty: The trail is easy and can be walked by anyone, regardless of expertise.
  • Duration: It usually takes 20 minutes to complete the course
  • Length: The trail is 0.86 miles (1.4 km).

Drive near beautiful Mirror Lake

There are two fantastic waterfalls near Mirror Lake in the beautiful Blanchard Springs area. The Mirror Lake waterfall is the largest and most accessible. The dam, which was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s, offers a beautiful two-tiered waterfall that is simply breathtaking. The lake is not only an impressive place, but also a home for rainbow trout. After turning into Blanchard Springs, tourists can continue until they see the Mirror Lake exit on the right. The waterfall flowing from the clear blue lake on their left will be seen immediately after the bend. For people with reduced mobility, there is a disabled parking space and a boardwalk. After passing Mirror Lake, drivers should continue until they reach the end of the road, where there is a circular bend and a parking spot. They can locate a waterfall that cascades down the towering mountain straight from the dazzling spring into the fascinating Blanchard Caverns by strolling down the road past the bubbling stream. Just below, the creek empties into Mirror Lake.

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Swim in the Gunner Pool recreation area while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of Mirror Lake Falls

Beautiful crystal clear streams, stunning rock cliffs and hiking trails through forested slopes are all found in the area. Tourists can swim in the crystal clear waters of North Sylamore Creek. The Gunner Pool Recreation Area, located in the town of Fifty-Six, is home to a stunning stair-step waterfall which, like many other attractions in the area, was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps using a dam to create a beautiful swimming pool in the campsite. Region. This waterfall is ideally located. It is more pleasant to walk through the forest than to drive to the Gunner Pool recreation area. During the warmer months, swimming is a mandatory need in this environment. The icy water flowing from the spring, cooling the ambient air, makes the place particularly pleasant to escape the summer heat. The nearby swimming spots are a nice place to take the kids while enjoying the scenery; however, occasionally during the summer some places close, so be sure to check.

Safety tips to follow when swimming in Mirror Lake

Tourists are recommended to avoid approaching or swimming near the waterfalls as, despite their serene appearance, they can produce powerful currents. They are also advised never to dive or jump into water, no matter how deep. Underwater there can be hidden dangers like pebbles and debris with which tourists can seriously injure themselves. They should also prevent cold water shock, as this is a crucial part of any winter water safety program. To give their bodies enough time to adapt, they must carefully wade through the water. When they first enter Mirror Lake, they should try to splash cold water on their face and neck to help them acclimatize. Finally, they must wear the right safety equipment, such as the right sandals, to avoid slippery terrain.